Re: Introduction

"Anton Doroszenko (TL, Fld Crp)" <A.DOROSZENKO@cabi.org> writes:

>I have just joined the list and would like to introduce myself.
>I am employed by CAB International (CABI), which is dedicated to improving 
>human welfare worldwide through the dissemination, application and 
>generation of scientific knowledge in support of sustainable development, 
>with emphasis on agriculture, forestry, human health and the management of 
>natural resources, and with particular attention to the needs of developing 
>CABI's Information Institute, where I have worked for the last 13 years, 
>compiles and maintains the CAB ABSTRACTS, CAB HEALTH and associated 
>databases, and maintains a research programme on information collection and 
>management. My academic background is in botany and botanical taxonomy.

It's nice to see your presence here. I appreciate the value of CAB 

A book published by CAB International "No-Tillage Seeding" by C.J. Baker &
co (Ltd, ;-)) seems quite useful although just a little one-eyed with regard 
to the cross-slot drill. But it's far too expensive at about NZ$280 (US$196, 
although it depends on your source and tax system). Why is it so 
expensive, it's not a big book? Is it condsidered publicity material for 
the cross-slot? I would like to own a copy but it's too expensive. My local 
agricultural university (Massey) doesn't even have one, I had to get it 
on interloan.