Northeast Kansas Market Gardening Workshop

A market gardening training workshop will be near Lawrence, Kansas on
Saturday, April 19. It begins at 9:30 AM and continues through the
afternoon. The workshop will include visits at Wakarus Valley Farm, Wild
Onion Farm, and Treehouse Berry Farm. There is a $20 registration fee and
you can register at the farm that morning. You will need to bring your own
sack lunch. To get to Wakarusa Valley farm, the first stop in the morning,
head south of Lawrence on Highway 59 approximately 1.5 miles till you cross
the Wakarusa River. Turn right on Highway 458 West and proceed towards
Clinton Dam. The road curves sharply south before you reach the dam. You
will pass Wakarusa School on your left as you head south. The road will
curve west again for about a mile. Halfway through that curve, make a left
onto a gravel road. Wakarusa Valley Farm is on the right approximately 300
yards down the road. For more information, contact Dan Nagengast at

Jerry Jost
Kansas Rural Center
Lawrence, Kansas