Re: Who is behind the Cato Institute?

you and others interested in these and other right wing and "Wise Use"
Organizations and Institutions can find abundant information on funding,
board members, corporate links, interrelationships, etc. at the EWG/ CLEAR
website "Where You Live":

The main "Where You Live" URL is:

This one will get you to the Washington DC groups including Cato Inst. if
you click on "Anti Enviro Wise Use Organizations in the State":

And this long URL will take you straight to Cato Institute info:

Cut and paste and click...

>I am curious to find out who are the big money backers for the Kato
>Institute who supports Stephen Moore who recently authored a chapter in
>Ronald Bailey's "The True State of the Planet" and Stephen J. Milloy of
>Junk Science Fame and misfortune for "Our Stolen Future" which he assails
>on his junkscience website "How They are Insulting our Intelligence".
>There is a plethera of their info on the web and there is very little
>countering it and I thought it would be useful for those subscribing to
>this listserve to discuss who is really behind them i.e. knowing more than
>"corporate money".
>I am also curious to know who supports the Heartland Institute, the Hudson
>Institute (home of the notorious father/son duo, the Averys), the
>Competive Enterprise Institute, and Resources for the Future.
>Teige Davidson
>Tufts University