Re: Ignoring a Solution ?


When there was a 3b Urban Gardening Program, USDA had a formula for
determining the value of produce from the garden sites and from the
individual plots. Most years it was quite considerable. If Ricardo Gomez
is still around, you might check with him.

It seems to me that gardens are an important element of domestic food
security that are barely recognized by USDA and even by State Extension
programs. While they may not be quite so economically significant as
corporate agricultural activities, they certainly deserve more support
and attention than they've been getting in the last decade.

In the 70's, they were at least seen as a way of "delivering" fresh
produce to low income and at-risk urban and rural populations. Of late,
they seem to have disappeared from the horizon entirely...many of the
original non-profit sponsors have moved towards "greening" rather than
food gardening.

The least USDA might think of doing is publicizing and promoting the
activity both nationally and at the state and local levels.


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