food irradiation info

Hello folks, I have some info that is a work in progress on food
irradiation. If any of you have any info, please do!

Teige Davidson
Tufts University

SteriGenics International
headquartered in Fremont, CA
11 locations currently operating within the domestic US.

Current Irradiation Plant Locations

Tustin, California
Corona, California
Westerville; Ohio
?Fort Worth,  Texas (?2 plants?)
Schaumburg, Illinois
Gurnee, Illinois
Charlotte, North Carolina
Haw River, North Carolina (formerly Radiation Technologies) 
Rockway, New Jersey 
Salem New Jersey (formerly Radiation Technologies) 

Of the above facilities only four facilities are for alternative markets,
i.e. food irradiation

1) Tustin, CA (mechanically equipped to process fresh fruits and
vegetables, currently it
processes several metric tons per week of fresh produce)
2) Rockaway, NJ
3) Salem, NJ 
4) Schaumburg, IL.  

Food Technology Service of Florida
?Headquartered where?
?formly Vindicator?
one irradiator
?what city, Florida?
?mechanically equipped to process fresh fruits and vegetables, currently
it processes
several metric tons per week of fresh produce?

Pacific Northwest Laboratory
forming a new spinoff company
Purpose: to commercialize food irradiation technology,
investors and joint venture partners are sought.

no one is irradiating pork in the United States

Isomedix, Inc 
?headquartered Whippany, New Jersey?
?how many sites and where?
?how many sites involed in food irradiation?
?company is building it's first all food irradiation plant in California?
(source 1995 article)

Locations that sell irradiated products

Carrot top supermarkets, Chicago  
James Corrigan President, 

plus around 30 produce stores selling irradiated Hawaiian produce in
season in Illinois and
Indiana and elsewhere in the mid-west.
?Any names of stores?

Accelerator Technology Corporation,
Research & development company 
?headquartered where?
designing electron beam irradiation systems.  

USDA SBIR grant to develop a low energy ebeam system for treatment of
patties which will be integrated directly onto the existing processing
lines of a typical
hamburger processing plant.  One accelerator can treat up to 12 processing
lines at a time. 
It can treat any product up to ~1/2" in depth.  

Gray Star Inc.
Mt Arlington, N.J.

?Does Gray Star have any plants that are currently involved in food

The agriculture department signed a Cooperative Research and Development
(CRADA) to evaluate their irradiator for killing foodborne pathogens like
E. coli 0157:H7
on meat poultry and other agricultural products (Feb 12, 1997)

? Are there other food irradiating companies out there?