RE: commercial scale composting

>Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:03:42 -0800
>From: Connie Falk <cfalk@nmsu.edu>

>Hello. A local person is starting a commercial composting business using
>onions, chile, cotton gin trash from local processors. Does anyone know of
>studies that have evaluated the economic/financial feasibility of such
>businesses? Thanks for any help. Connie Falk
>Connie Falk
>Associate Professor
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>New Mexico State University
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Saneters may be interested in an Electronic Bibliography (E-Bib) on Organic 
Waste Composting available on floppy disk from CAB International. The E-Bib 
comes with integrated search software for those who might need it or you can 
use your own database management software.

The subject coverage of this bibliography includes substantive material on 
appropriate technology (including processes and equipment) and organic 
materials (such as sludges and cellulosic wastes) used in compost 
preparation and handling, uses (i.e. soil amendments and growth of edible 
fungi) of composts in agriculture and horticulture and their effects on 
plant growth and crop yields, and on receiving soils (soil biology, 
structure, chemistry etc). Financial, legislative and environmental aspects 
of organic waste composting are also covered, together with relevant 
information concerning anaerobic sludge digestion.

The E-Bib has 1200-1300 bibliographic records, practically all with 
informative abstracts. The price is much less than the average scientific 
book. To get more information please send an e-mail to marketing@cabi.org or 
see our Web site at http://www.cabi.org

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