Consumer Ed

Dear Sannet:

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association is putting together a multi
media presentation to enhance the relative perceived value of
locally/ecologically produced food.  It will focus on the wide economic,
ecological, and social benefits of supporting local growers, including the
importance of diverse production ownership base, gene pool and ecological
preservation, labor issues, and health concerns.  The intent is to put this
show on the road to build consumer understanding of the true importance,
complexity, and impact of food issues and develop a committed consumer base
willing to maintain relationships with local growers.  We would like to
make it available to growers for presentations to potential customers.

I would like to request some help in developing the program.  Any help with
similar presentations which could be adapted to Ohio or provide structure,
content, or style hints would be helpful.  In addition, any resources or
other help would also be of interest.  Please e-mail me directly to avoid
cluttering sannet.  People who would like the results of this query may
also email me directly, and I will forward any responses.

Thanks so Much!
Sean McGovern, OEFFA

Sean McGovern
Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
(ph) 614/294-3663
(fx) 614/291-3276