Satellite Conference Announcement

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>Subject: Satellite Conference Announcement
>Presented by the North Central Institute for Sustainable Systems
>Originated from the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
>DATE: Friday 4 April
>TIME:  12:00 - 2:00 PM Central (test begins at 11:45 AM)
>COORDINATES: Galaxy 3R, Transponder 21
>MAILING LIST: nciss@iastate.edu
>WWW: http://www.ag.iastate.edu/departments/agronomy/nciss/nciss1.html
>NCISS is  a regional initiative to provide practical experiential learning
>opportunities in sustainable agricultural systems. Distance teaching
>methods are necessary to bridge the geographical range of institutions
>participating in NCISS. Because of our emphasis on teaching and learning
>about sustainable living through active methods, we wish to review and
>stimulate discussion about practicing such methods through the medium of
>distance education.
>-Principles of student-centered education and active learning
>-Examples of actual current efforts to practice student-centeredness at a
>-Interview with a master distance educator: Janet Johnson
>-Interaction with faculty of NCISS currently developing their distance
>-Update on activities and course offerings of NCISS
>All educators and persons interested in exploring and discussing effective
>methods for sustainable agriculture and distance education methods are
>welcome. We will particularly value your input and interaction via phone
>bridge and fax. Be prepared to participate!
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