Fw: Request for information

> > I have seen your information on the Internet, and find it to be very
> helpful.  Thank you.  
> My colleagues and I at the University of Northern Iowa are writing a
> curriculum about sustainable CONSUMPTION.  We've narrowed our topic so
> it focuses on food/health and wellness issues, and, naturally, CSA is one
> concept we'd like to educate people about. 
> Are you familiar with other curricula in this area?  I have contacted the
> Center for Sustainable Ag at U of VT for their curriculum, but any other
> particularly good resources that you know of would be appreciated.  
> I am also going to contact several of the other sites listed in your www
> information, but I did want to touch base with you to see if you have
> ideas/people we should contact.  
> Thank you for any help you can provide.