Re: manure to grow algae and probiotics

I'd be interested in responses about the probiotics, if anyone has 
them to share....Thanks.

Charlie Griffin

> Date:          Mon, 24 Mar 1997 16:50:42 -0500 (EST)
> From:          "Frederick R. Magdoff" <fmagdoff@zoo.uvm.edu>
> To:            sanet <sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu>
> Cc:            "K.Wyatt." <kwyatt@uec.inta.uchile.cl>
> Subject:       manure to grow algae and probiotics

> Dear All
> 	I received a request for information from Keith Wyatt in Chile 
> (his email address is kwyatt@uec.inta.uchile.cl)  
> 	A) He is interested in using manures to grow algae using nutrients 
> in animal manures and then using it as either a feed supplement or fish feed.
> 	B) he is also interested in the general opinion about the use of
> probiotics as a feed supplement for chicken, cattle and hogs. Does it work?
> What does the data indicated?
> 	Please answer Keith directly (kwyatt@uec.inta.uchile.cl)
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