EARTH College Internship

As a Trustee of the Amigos of EARTH College who has sponsored an intern
from EARTH College, I wholeheartedly recommend this opportunity.

Samuel Kaymen

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As per your request, I have prepared a one-pager which I hope covers the 
important points.  Here it is:

(Agricultural College of the Humid Tropical Region)

EARTH is an international, four year, private, non-profit college 
dedicated to the formation of young leaders for the sustainable 
management of agriculture and the natural resources of the humid 
tropics.  EARTH is located on the Atlantic coastal plain of Costa Rica in 
the heart of the humid tropics, and was established in 1990.  One hundred 
students from 16 Latin American countries are admitted each year.  
Students are selected based on their demonstrated leadership capacity, 
their commitment to returning to their communities and their interest in 
sustainable development.  80% of EARTHs students receive either full or 
partial scholarships provided by concerned governments, foundations, 
companies and individuals.

EARTHs academic program is based on active student participation in the 
learning process.  Theory and practice are integrated, and students spend 
a great deal of their time engaged in agricultural production and 
management on EARTHs 8,000 farm, with the small and medium sized farmers 
of the communities surrounding the College and in their third year 
internship.  The internship is a fundamental part of the EARTH experience 
and is all students participate.  From late August/early September 
through mid-December, all third year students leave campus to work in an 
area corresponding to their particular interest.  Some students work on a 
farm, others with companies, and still others with community development 
or government agencies.  While most students return to their home 
countries for their internship, a small number undertake internships in 
other countries.  Every year, eight or nine students travel to the USA 
for their internship, working in areas as different as determining rates 
of deforestation via interpretation of photos from space with NASA, to 
learning about fresh juice production with Odwalla Juice Company in 

This year, Santiago Juan, a Belizean student, is interested in 
identifying an internship opportunity in dairy production, particularly 
on a farm that is committed to sustainable production practices.  
Santiago is an extremely hard worker and has a great deal of experience 
with animals, having been a semi-professional jockey in Great Britain 
where he lived for 12 years as a youngster. 
The Internship program asks that hosts provide room and board, and if 
possible a stipend during the 15 week internship.  Some hosts have 
provided assistance with air transportation as well but that is entirely 
optional.  Anyone interested in hosting Santiago Juan during his 
internship should contact Daniel Sherrard, Internship Coordinator at 
EARTH College, Mail Address:  J.B.C. SJO #1235, P.O. Box 025240, Miami, 
Florida 33102-5240,  Tel: (506) 255-2000 ext. 3307, Fax: (506) 255-2726, 
email: dsherrar@ns.earth.ac.cr

Let me know if you get any nibbles.
Daniel Sherrard

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