gopher plant

Arlene Fischioka wrote:

<I hope to receive a tried and true solution to this question-----
<        Does anyone know how to eradicate gophers?
<Other than using traps has anyone used a plant called gopher purge?

Gophers love the plant called gopher purge. When I worked as an adviser for 
Metrofarms, a community garden program in Los Angeles, many gardeners tried 
the plant. I remember standing with a cabbage grower one day. He was 
telling me how gophers ate the roots of the gopher purge, along with the 
cabbages. While we were talking we watched as gophers pulled under a gopher 
purge plant and a giant head of cabbage standing next to it.

Needless to say, gopher purge was not the gopher solution. However, the 
gopher purge plant is in the genus Euphorbia, and if my memory is correct, 
yields a milky latex so high in petroleum hydrocarbons that growing and 
harvesting it was considered as a potential solution to the high petroleum 
prices of the 1970s.