Re: Risk analysis of genetically altered foods.

<snip>I feel there are fundamental flaws with the GE approach, and am highly
>skeptical of those who would be driving its direction.  Their past
>behavior, from DDT to tobacco etc., does not cause me to trust them with
>the basis of life on this planet.  I affirm our rights as individuals and
>as a community to make a choice about the direction we take, for if we
>don't have that, then why put up with all the messy aspects of having free
>will...? May as well roll over to the corporate-run oligarchy and be done
>with the facade of our democratic rhetoric at all...
>Just my thoughts...
>Patricia Dines

Patricia, Thank you for a stirring and well-worded rebuttal.  Even a small
dog can stampede a herd of cattle if it barks loud enough and is willing to
nip at their heels!  Keep it up.  
Jeff Gold