Two new sites on WWW

Dear all,

If you are interested in retrieving literature on ecological agriculture, 
please take notice of the following rather new WWW-sites at the Wageningen 
Agricultural University Library in The Netherlands:

This first one is the homepage of the DOCEA-Concerted Action, financed by the 
EU, which is almost finished. In this CA several European databases on 
ecological agriculture, various consumer representatives and 
CAB-International cooperate for better access to literature available via the 
participating institutions. 

At this address the latest issue of the abstract bulletin on sustainable 
agriculture "Abstreco" is available. This bulletin consists of circa 200 
recent references (with short English abstracts) on journal-articles and 
books, available at the Wageningen Agricultural University. Till 1 June 1997 
this address will be free to contact; the continuation of the site will 
depend on the number of users.

You are invited to spread this information to others.

With kind regards,
Marja Duizendstraal
Library Agronomy/Ecological Agriculture WAU
Haarweg 333, 6709 RZ Wageningen
The Netherlands
Tel:   +31 317 483052
Fax:   +31 317 484995
E-mail Marja.Duizendstraal@PD.BIB.WAU.NL