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Regarding biodynamics and all the other approaches,,My opinion as an
agronomist and researcher as well as being a farmer and former member of
the biodynamic association when I was farming on the home place in Pa.
Humic acids more specifically quinone groups,phenol hydroxyls,
carbonyl,carboxyl have been shown to be the responsible components of
biostimulation in the soil and on a cellular basis in the soil and in the
plant. Stimulation of the entire soil ecosystem ,fungi, cyanobacteria and
others, as well as root hair stimulation and increase. We are talking at
the 10 ppm range in regards to humate. We can get that from a number of
methods, including composting,biodynamics or watering in a soluble humate.
This is new stuff,when biodynamics started in 1924 they did not have this
level of organic chemistry and there where no biophysicists. We now are
beginning to see the light. The economics may dictate how these humic
biopolymers are produced. Certainly refined humates have proven as
effective as composts. See my web page for the references on all of this.

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