IPM question


I am working on a small project for a course that I am taking in Integrated
Pest Management at Purdue University. I would like to look into the
possibilities for major food producing/processing  corporations  to encourage
the production and use of IPM grown products.  I have found an example of this
in  Gerber who works closely with growers, sharing info about successful
pesticide reduction/elimination programs and sponsoring educational workshops.
 In fact, they have  a whole systems approach to pesticide residue management
involving soil, seeds and plants, growth, and harvest.

I am wondering if anyone has any information or resource suggestions about
other programs similar to this one, the feasibility of such programs, or any
other pertinent ideas?!?
Thanks a lot!

Amy Sammons

Purdue University
Department of Entomology
1158 Entomology Hall
West Lafayette, IN  47907