food, what else?

Hi, everyone.

Some friends of mine have recently relocated from New York City to Moscow
and will be living there for the next three years.  As the note below
indicates, they're having a hard time finding good, clean, fresh food and
are wondering what the best (ie. cleanest) sources (ie. countries of origin)
of produce are likely to be in Moscow.  Before leaving NYC, they were
Roxbury Farm CSA members, so this is undoubtedly a shock to their systems!

Please respond directly to Mary:  melmam@online.ru

Thanks.   -Sarah

>Help. Do you know, or do you know where I can find out, what European food
>is least toxic? We obviously have to buy food. There is no way to buy local
>food in season. No way. First, there's no way to know where the Russian
>food comes from. And second, there's no way to know what chemicals have
>been used, to say nothing of the fact that they still use leaded gas, so
>the ground near any highway is awful. 
>I am now buying the ugliest produce under the theory that it at least
>wasn't chemicalized for appearance sake. And I'm buying peelable stuff
>(apples, etc.) and peeling it.
>But we cannot eat potatoes carrots apples and pears only for three years.
>The produce in the markets comes from all over Europe, mostly Spain,
>Holland. Bananas from Ecuador.
>Any thoughts would be most appreciated.