Re: announcement environmental training courses IAC (fwd)

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 12:15:30 +0000 (MED)
From: Marion van Schaik <M.J.C.VAN.SCHAIK@iac.agro.nl>
Subject: announcement environmental training courses IAC



It is my pleasure to announce that the Fourth International Environmental
Training Programme will be held from November 1997 to January 1998 at the
International Agricultural Centre (IAC), Wageningen, The Netherlands. The
Programme will consist of intensive short courses on five subjects, each
lasting two weeks. These courses will be:

Gender in Policy Development for Sustainable Land Use
October 6-19, 1997

This course provides the participants with information, viewpoints and tools
that will help them to conceptualize, plan and formulate policies on
sustainable land use from the perspective of gender.
Organized by the IAC in collaboration with ETC Consultants for Development
Programmes, Leusden.

Agrodiversity: Biodiversity and Environmental Variation for Agrosystems
October 19-November 1, 1997

How can the diversity, variation and complexity of agro-ecosystems be managed
to make agriculture more sustainable? How can agricultural research be more
effective? The course on Agrodiversity covers all aspects related to this
question: biodiversity and variation in natural and socio-economic
environments. With a systems approach, these aspects and their interactions
will be analyzed.
Organized by the IAC.

Strategic Environmental Assessment: 
a Framework for Sustainable Land Use Planning
November 2-15, 1997

The course will provide participants with critical insight and practical
experience with respect to analyzing, explaining and designing solutions for
environmental problems. It will deal with two frameworks for environmental
assessment and sustainable land use planning: 1) Problem-in-Context; and 2)
Strategic Environmental Analysis.
Organized by the IAC in collaboration with the Centre of Environmental Science
CML at Leiden University and AIDEnvironment, Amsterdam.

Technology for Ecological Agriculture
November 16-29, 1997

The participants will acquire skills to assess the agronomic feasibilities and
constraints of ecological production methods, and their social and economic
implications. The course will provide methods to redesign agricultural systems.
In addition, it will discuss ecological agriculture in the context of broader
sustainable agriculture and rural development issues.
Organized by the IAC in collaboration with Wageningen Agricultural University.

Environmental Economics: Tools for Policy Analysis in Rural Development
January 4-17, 1998

The participants will acquire the knowledge and insight needed to internalize
environmental values into the economic assessment of rural development policies
and programmes. It will give tools for policy analysis and explore practical
applications emphasizing the sustainable use of renewable natural resources in
policy and programme formulation.
Organized by the IAC in collaboration with Wageningen Agricultural University
and the Institute for Environmental Studies IVM at Amsterdam Vrije

The courses are intended for senior policy and management staff of governmental
and non-governmental development and research organizations and of donor
agencies, from and/or working in developing countries or countries in
transition. As it is IAC policy to promote equal opportunities for eduction, we
encourage women especially to apply. Because the subject matter is related,
candidates may be interested in taking more than one course. Those whishing to
take advantage of this option can request a reduced fee. Because the number of
spaces in each of the courses is limited, we recommend that condidates apply
for admission as soon as possible.

For more information on the course curricula, admission requirements and
application procedures, feel free to e-mail me at m.j.c.van.schaik@iac.agro.nl
or to contact me at the below address.

Yours faithfully, 
M.J.C. van Schaik
Coordinator, Environmental Training Programme 

IAC - The International Agricultural Centre
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P.O. Box 88
6700 AB Wageningen
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