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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 21:31:21 -0600 (MDT)
From: "Larry D. Anderson" <envsafe@swcp.com>
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Subject: Re: Support for BD/sustainable research (fwd)

What was the source of your silica?    Larry

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>From: "Geraldo Defune" <pah_gd@wye.ac.uk>
>Organization: Wye College, University of London
>Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 22:06:00 GMT
>Subject: Support for BD/sustainable research
>CC: g.deffune@wye.ac.uk
>Dear friends,
>I'd like to ask you for information on possible financial support from any 
>funding source, for as I'm beginning to write up my PhD thesis, my sponsor 
>is reluctant to mantain the grant till the end of this academic year.
>The title of the thesis is: "Allelopathic effects of Biodynamic and 
>Organic treatments on yield and quality of wheat and potatoes".
>I was awarded a 4 year grant from Sept. 93, with right to a 6 month 
>writing up extension, that is risked to be cut down next June. 
>I'm looking for alternative support between June and November, 
>I'm presently doing my very last sample analyses (Silica, Phosphorus
>and True Protein contents) to support the good results I had comparing 
>cropping systems in blind treatments with and without the BD 
>preparations in both Wheat & Potatoes. 
>Rotations with green manures were used for allelopathic effects and weed 
>suppression - also with good results. Specific beneficial and detrimental 
>influences were identified: Rye has a bad effect on Wheat and vice-versa,
>but a good effect on Potatoes; Vetch is good for both.
>The final breakthrough is the positive effects of different Silica Sprays 
>(in diff. dilutions & interactions with crop species and climatic conditions) 
>and the confirmation of Si as an essential nutrient for plants!
>Using TWO experimental crops in 4 rotations and 8 field trials increased 
>very much the work load and time spent, but proved to be an essential 
>part of obtaining significant differences in a holistic approach.
>I'm already enduring financial hardship because I didn't receive my March 
>maintenance yet. So, I've sent my family (with 3 children) back to Brazil 
>as a precaution.
>Details on my research and personal history are available on request.
>Thank you,
>Geraldo DEFFUNE - G.Deffune@wye.ac.uk
>Wye College - University of London 
>Sustainable Agriculture Research Group 
>Wye, Ashford, Kent TN25 5AH, England, U.K.
>Tel.:(44-1233)813658, Fax: (44-1233)812855
>WEB http://www.wye.ac.uk/agriculture/sargintro.html
>PhD Student sponsored by CNPq - The Brazilian Research Council