Re: Quackgrass and Plastic Mulch

Robert:  I have used 6 mil black poly, doubled, as an edge around my 
garden, to keep the adjoining lawn (which includes quackgrass, 
originally having been a pasture) from growing into my garden.  The 
quackgrass has no trouble getting straight through two layers of 6 
mil poly, usually within a year.  However, I also use black poly (one 
layer) as a surface cover to kill off patches of garden that have had 
a history of grass encroachment.  I typically leave it covered for 
about two years, although I have not tried any shorter period - might 
still work.  This works very well to kill quack and other perennial 
weed species.  I then open it up in the spring, let it dry out, and 
till it a few times before making beds and planting.  I allow any 
residual perennial weed growth time to happen - and work it out 
manually - before making the beds and planting.  There is typically 
very little life left in the quack after two years in the dark, but I 
want to be sure there is none.  Having a little bit of quack grass in 
my garden is like being a little bit pregnant!

I remember a humorous (I hope) quote from a couple of organic 
gardeners, that they removed quackgrass rhizomes etc. manually by 
screening sections of the garden, one at a time.  They then let the 
rhizomes dry out and burned them, being careful where they put the 
ashes!  Ann

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