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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 08:55:12 -0500
From: Linda Hart <lkhart@facstaff.wisc.edu>
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Dear Mr. Hodges,

Would you mind posting this notice to SUSTAG-L about an upcoming agriculture
and food conference.

Thanks much,

Linda Hart

Linda Hart
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
University of Wisconsin-Madison
(608) 265-6479

Join the nation's leading food systems, food culture, and food safety
and food security researchers and activists in Madison, Wisconsin, for the
1997 joint meetings of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values
Society (AFHVS) and the Association for the Study of Food and
Society (ASFS), June 5-8, 1997, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

AFHVS president Steve Stevenson, of the Center for Integrated
Agricultural Systems (CIAS), UW-Madison, will extend you a welcome
to the conference, which will blend traditional academic panels and
presentations, speeches, and keynotes with food-related arts events
and field tours.

The conference focus is on food-related behaviors, food and agricultural
practices, public policies toward food and agriculture, and the history,
philosophy, social institutions, and values which underlie these. Sessions

 * Food security and safety
 * Agricultural sustainability and environmental quality
 * Ag and food ethics 
 * The roles of different knowledges in the food system
 * land use, biotechnology, and rural life
 * Food culture, eating behaviors, nutrition education, food and the media

Featured speakers are
 * Rima Apple, Professor of Consumer Science and Women's Studies, University
of Wisconsin-Madison 
 * Harriet Friedmann, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto
 * Jacqueline Newman, President of ASFS, Queens College, CUNY
 * Steve Stevenson, President of AFHVS, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Food-related arts events include:

* Storytelling and poetry readings and a storytelling workshop
* A photography exhibit on food systems and rural life
* A free public performance of "Rural Voices," a celebrated Wisconsin rural
life project written, directed, and performed by Wisconsin farmers
* A multi-media presentation of rural America in the 1930s.

Off-site field tours and events will round out the conference. Events include:
* A field trip to local grazing-based dairy farms
* A regional/seasonal food festival, featuring local chefs and farmers
* A field trip to the Dane County Farmers Market
* A workshop on participatory action research 

Registration costs are $35 for students, $65 for AFHVS/ASFS members, and
$100 for nonmembers. Food is not included; some field trips and special
events are extra.

A detailed, continually updated program and registration forms are available
on the CIAS World Wide Web site:  http://www.wisc.edu/cias/conf.html

You can also get registration information by phone by calling CALS 
Outreach Services, (608) 263-1672. 

Other questions?  Call Nancy Carlisle at (608) 265-2908, or e-mail her at 

Registration deadline is May 15. Join us in Madison for what will be an
outstanding conference. 

Please pass this information along to anyone who may be interested.