Full Circle Organic Farm 4/30/97

Your Week's Worth    4/30/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm (916) 885-9201

1 lb Mesclun Salad 
3/4 lb Market Express "baby" Turnips
1/2 lb Spinach
2 ea   Mei Qing "baby" Pac Choi
1 bu  Salad Rose radish
5-6-oz  Mammoth Melting Snow or Sugar Snap peas
1 bu  Leeks
1 bu  Fennel leaves

Peas have started!
   Snow peas and Snap peas have finally started to set fruit.  You will have
one or the other in your share.
  We hope to get the tomatoes peppers and eggplants transplanted Saturday or
Monday.  They are definitely ready to get out of the greenhouse.

  The summer squash, cucumbers, melons, and sunflowers in the greenhouse are
starting to emerge.  They should be set out in about three weeks.  A mouse
found the sunflowers and dug up the sprouting seeds.  We're re-seeding and
setting traps - - not necessarily in that order.

  We still need more shareholders to make budget this year, give us a call
with your suggestions.

   Don't forget,  we have a thousand 4" pots of heirloom tomatoes, peppers
and eggplant for the KVMR Plant Sale and Fundraiser at the Foundry in Nevada
City on Sunday, May 4th.  Come see us and tell your friends.