Re: plant happiness (fwd)

From: "Geraldo Defune" <pah_gd@wye.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 17:55:01 GMT
Subject: Re: plant happiness

Thanks to Laura Sabourin's beautiful poem in the BD-list, I felt inspired to 
translate a Brazilian poem (original in Portuguese included at the 
end) that I hope can carry my best feelings to all of you in this 
beautiful May Day!


P.S.: Any suggestions or corrections for my tranlation are very 


                                               by Rubem Alves

In the misterious Without-End
  Balances itself a planet.
  In the planet theres a garden,
  and in the garden a seedbed:
  in the seedbed theres a violet,
  and upon it, day long by,
  Between the planet and the sky,
  the wings of a butterfly!


                                            (por Rubem Alves)

        'No misterio do Sem-Fim,
         equilibra-se um planeta.
         E, no planeta, um jardim,
         e, no jardim, um canteiro:
         no canteiro, uma violeta,
         e, sobre ela, o dia inteiro,
         entre o planeta e o Sem-Fim,
         a asa de uma borboleta!'


On Thu, 1 May 1997, BD Email List wrote:

> Just a happy thought to start your day off right - unless of course
> your still up publishing the newsletter like I am ! (and taking a
> little peak at your email ;)  )
> Plant Happiness
> First Plant 4 rows of peas
>     Perseverance
>          Presence
>             Promptness
>                 Purity
> Next, plant 3 rows of squash
>     squash gossip
>        squash criticism
>           squash indifference
> Then plant 4 rows of lettuce
>     Let us be faithful to duty
>         Let us be unselfish and loyal
>              Let us be true to our own obligations
>                   Let us love one another
> No garden is complete without turnips
>     Turn up a smile
>         Turn up with new ideas
>              Turn up with determination to make
>               everything count for something good and
>                worthwhile.
> -------------------------------------------------------
>            Name : Laura Sabourin
>         Company : Feast of Fields Inc, Organic Farm and Ragenesque
>         Cattery Address : R R # 1
>            City : St Catharines, ON, Canada, L2R 6P7