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From: Dennis Hall <halld@agvax2.ag.ohio-state.edu>
Subject: Network coordinator

Below is the announcement for the IFFS Network Coordinator Positon.  The
person selected for this position will act as an independent contractor to
Ohio State University.  This will allow an individual to support the network
as a coordinator from their location, not ours.  

Please help distribute this announcement to individuals you feel could
contribute to the future of our work together.

Denny Hall

Title:          Integrated Food and Farming Systems (IFFS) 
                Network Coordinator

Supervisor:     IFFS Steering Committee Project Director

Location:       To be Determined

Date Open:	Immediately

Application Deadline:	 May 15, 1997 or until position is filled.

Summary of Position:  The IFFS Network Coordinator is a half time position
on a contractual basis to provide communication and logistical support for
the Network Steering Committee and its membership.  The contract will be
for a period of two years with the possibility of an extension.  The
successful candidate will have the opportunity to participate in a network
of diverse, locally-based, agricultural projects which are separately and
collectively creating new models to enhance economic, ecological, and
community soundness. 

The duties the Network Coordinator will be expected to perform include:
· Negotiating and arranging for facilities for meetings of Network committees
  and sub-committees.
· Setting up and communicating details regarding committee conference calls and
  other electronic forums.
· Keeping members informed of the accomplishments and plans of the IFFS Network
  via electronic and paper mail and a quarterly newsletter.
· Serve as a liaison for information requests from the Network membership and
  other agriculture and food systems organizations.
· Facilitate the collection of data necessary for program evaluation.
· Provide leadership in authoring an annual report for grant sponsor, the W. K.
  Kellogg Foundation.
· Assist the project director with fiscal responsibilities such as payment
  requests, mini-grants, budgets, and financial reports.
· May be asked to assist in grant writing activities.

Qualifications:  Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Demonstrated excellent
written communication skills required. Good oral communications on a
one-on-one and group basis is essential. Must be able to work with
individuals from diverse backgrounds in a non-threatening demeanor and to
use good judgment when representing the Network.  Experience in organizing
events and working with boards is important.  Must be self-motivated and
organized. Experience in the IFFS Network helpful.

Other Requirements:  The Network Coordinator will need to provide own office
space and be able to communicate electronically to the national network.
Additionally, this individual should be able to travel on behalf of the
network when determined appropriate by the Project Director and Executive
Committee of the Network Steering Committee.  

Compensation:  $18,000 per year plus expenses.

To Apply: Interested persons should send a resume, three references, and a
cover letter to: 

	Dennis W. Hall
	Ohio State University Extension
	246 West Fifth Street
	Marysville, OH 43040
        email: hall.16@osu.edu

In the cover letter of no more than two pages, please respond to the
following questions…

· Why are you interested in this position?
· What are your most significant accomplishments?
· What are your strengths (provide examples that demonstrate your strengths)?

*  Dennis Hall
*  Operation Future
*  Ohio State University Extension