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WASTENOT is an unmoderated discussion and forum for the professional
exchange of information and communication among those in the research
of, management, design, implementation, processing, treatment, analysis,
regulation, marketing and distribution, or usage of organic wastes and
the compostable materials whether from industrial, commercial,
municipal, or agricultural sources. The driving principal and purpose of
this forum shall be the fostering of any and all positive research,
practices, or communication that will create a synergy between the
worldwide problems of organic waste dissolution and soil/agricultural
depletion to convert such "WASTES" into a tremendous agricultural,
horticultural, ecological, and economically valuable asset. Each day
around the world millions of tons of organic wastes are generated.
Meanwhile, our soils are depleted, poisoned, salted, and demineralized
as their vital life forms die, humus erodes away, and vital minerals
depleted. Both of these concerns should cross all industry, government,
and agriculture boundaries through the concerted efforts of researchers,
agriculturalists, industry, government, manufacturers, farmers,
horticulturists, landscape designers, municipal planners, and all! This
is one case of where a true synergy can be developed through using
today's communications capabilities to discuss, develop, share,
implement, and educate. This is not a commercial venture. 

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