Re: organic control of racoons

 IMHO the only way to keep raccoons out is to fence the field with something 
like welded wire and then run two hot wires - one at about a foot off the 
ground and the other on the outside edge of the top of the fence, however 
high it is.
If he doesn't have the field fenced already (to attach the hot wires to) the 
other alternative is to Just run hot wires, but run them starting 4" up from 
the ground and then every 4" for a foot or so.  One thing raccoons can't do 
is jump, and their hands are too sensitive to try and climb between wires 
that sting.

P H Twiss

>>      I have had a client contact me for information about organic control
>>      of racoons in his sweet corn.  He has heard from "an oldtimer" that he
>>      can spread mothballs around in the field and it will deter racoons.
>>      He is wondering if the mothballs can be considered organic and if not,
>>      what other methods there may be in the control of racoons.  Thanks for
>>      your help.
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