Position announcement

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Beltsville, Remote Sensing and Modeling Laboratory, 
is accepting applications for a permanent, full time RESEARCH PHYSICAL SCIENTIST or BIOLOGICAL SCIENTIST, or related discipline.  The 
objective of this position will be to develop relationships between the multispectral properties of plants and their environment with 
emphasis on crop growth, development and yield for agricultural and natural 
resource applications.  The incumbent will formulate relationships between 
plant response to the environment and spectral properties measured by a wide 
range of airborne and spaceborne sensors and will evaluate utility of the 
present and proposed remote sensing systems for applications in agricultural 
and environmental assessment.  Candidates must have a strong knowledge of 
environmental remote sensing, image analyses, aerial photography and 
mathematical modeling and must have working knowledge in one or more of the 
plant and agronomic sciences.  Candidates must have demonstrated ability to 
initiate and conduct independent research in the fields of remote sensing 
and crop modeling and publish the research results in peer reviewed 
journals.  Skills in mathematical, statistical, and computer sciences 
necessary to perform quantitative research are required.  Knowledge of the 
science and technologies of electrooptical imaging systems and aerial 
photography including calibration and atmospheric correction are required.  
Candidates must possess a PH.D. biological sciences, physical sciences, 
chemistry, natural resources management, engineering or a related discipline 
appropriate for the position.  The starting salary range is $45,939 to 
$54,629.  Candidates for these positions mustbe U.S. citizens and must 
address and meet specific qualificationrequirements defined in the Vacancy 
Announcement #ARS-D7B-0118.  For information about the research program and 
positions contact the Remote Sensing and Modeling Laboratory at 
301-504-5846.  Applicants must call 301-344-4638 for a copy of the 
announcement and application procedures.  Applications must be postmarked by 
the closing date, June 30, 1997.  Incomplete applications will not receive 
consideration.  USDA/ARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Yao-chi Lu
Room 8, Bldg.007, BARC-West
Agricultural Research Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Beltsvill, MD  20705
05/08/97  09:55:48