Full Circle Organic Farm 5/7/97

Here's what's happening this week

Your Week's Worth    5/07/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm (916) 885-9201

1 lb Mesclun Salad 
1/2 lb Stir-fry
4 leaves of Red Giant mustard
1 bu Market Express "baby" Turnips
1 bu Chioggia beets
1 bu  Salad Rose radish
5-6-oz  Mammoth Melting Snow or Sugar Snap peas
1 bu  "baby" Leeks
1 bu  Peppermint or Orange Mint

Sure beets the grocery store!

   Chioggia is an heirloom Italian beet with red and white concentric circles
inside.  The green tops are good, too.  I like this beet raw, grated into
salads.  It is also good baked or steamed.
  A couple of you have asked about the difference between the salad mix and
the stir-fry.  The stir-fry/braising mix has no lettuce in it, has a larger
size leaf, and may different Asian greens.  They four greens they have in
common are Ruby chard, Red Russian kale,  Mizuna and Red Giant Japanese
mustards -- all at larger leaf size in the braising mix than the mesclun.
  Last of the leeks this week -- consider roasting, sauteing or steaming a
mix of leeks, beets and turnips.
  Red Giant mustard at full-size is excellent on sandwiches instead of
lettuce and mustard.  It's sprightly Dijon mustard taste adds zip to a sharp
cheese on brown bread or roast beef.
  We transplanted peppers and eggplant yesterday and seeded your new salad
patch.  Last week we seeded new spinach, beets and green onions.
  HELP, our van has been dubbed a gross polluter by the State.  This vehicle
is run less than 1500 miles per year, but is the only way we can get veggies
to market and some of our community sites.  We need a good and understanding
mechanic as this isn't in the budget.   CALL NOW.   PS  May payments are due.