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Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 22:27:10 -0700
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Subject: Re: seeds, Hemp, paper etc.

re: chris & michelle's discussion on seed cops (not crops, but cops). .
. . seeds of life, where it all comes from in plant and animal
reproduction--or at least seed-like propagation covers many such
species, including ours, in our discourse of biology.

Perhaps non geneticlly engineered biology will be the radical and
revolutionary playing ground in the next century. government agents
hunting down wildlife biologiests, zoologisets, ecologists, and
especially botanists, for illegal acts in defiance of
corporate/intellectual natural property. Kids caught hunting fro
butterflies will be prosecuted. Little girls found pickig "wild' daisies
will be sterilized.   

Ok, ok, so i'm hanging out on the edge of this discussion, butthis is
probably one of the most frightening and potentially horrendous
realities facing us, genetic alteration of life forms and parts and
ownership of genomes and policing of natural life. is this bizarre or
what. but unfortunately, it is becoming a reality of a race to
"ownership" of biological building blocks, such as seeds.

perhaps we not only must save seeds, but fight this trend with all the
environmental ammo available. Saving forests and grizzlys will be moot
if they are genetically manipulated theme park plants and animals owned
by their sponsors. Griz's that are crosed with zebras and genetically
implanted with coca cola modules that grow bright red hair in a coke
emblem over the black and white striped zebra fur, growls and howls the
bear (would it still be a bear, or merely a simulation of what bear
species once were.

the more I think about it the more i'm glad to be old enough to have
long been worm food when the final showdown between nature and humans.

am i freaking out over nothing, or are some others concerned as well.