Full Circle Organic Farm 5/14/97

Your Week's Worth    5/14/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm (916) 885-9201

1 lb Mesclun salad 
1 bu Spinach
4 leaves Red Giant mustard
1 bu  Golden turnip with greens
1 bu Chioggia beets
1 bu  Salad Rose radish or Sparkler
8-12 oz  Mammoth Melting Snow or Sugar Snap peas

Hot weather early
   The daytime highs are running a full 15x above the normal of 80x-- more
like July than May.  This will no doubt shorten the pea crop and has already
affected the stir-fry.  On the bright side, these temperatures and our
irrigation really stimulate the bacteria and fungus that make their living in
the soil by breaking down organic matter and releasing nutrients to the crop.
 Fruit should be ready, soon.
  The tomatoes, peppers and eggplants will have been transplanted by the end
of the week and will be taking advantage of the increased soil activity.
 Summer squashes and cucumbers will be ready to come out of the greenhouse
and go in the ground next week.  
  Broccoli looks like it's a couple of weeks out. Hopefully, we'll be back in
carrots next week.  The new salad mix patch is coming along.  Spinach, beet,
green onion, and mei qing second plantings all look good.  Herbs have found
their feet and should be ready about broccoli time.
  Southerners cook up the greens from turnips with bacon by frying the bacon,
removing it from the pan, then stirring the chopped greens in the bacon fat
and crumbling the cooked bacon on top. 2 strips of bacon is only 5gms fat.
 Turnips themselves can be mashed w/ potatoes, or sliced and fried into
  Beet greens can be quick fried in olive oil and garlic then tossed with
vinegar if desired.