CODEX flamefest (ignore!)



Below are various problems people had with my recent forward about the 
codex, and my explanations follow:

1)  My reposting of the original codex article was amputated, a fact 
described by one responder as 'morally indefendsible.' 
	 I cut the first part off and reposted the rest because noone 
seemed to have read any of 
it, no one responded to it at all. This lack of response was bizzare 
 Someday, the full extent of the atrocities of the 
colonial, and now the neo-imperialist states will be judged by the world 
considering the sinister one-world/shadow-government implications raised 
by the main part of the piece.  I assumed sanet-ers didn't read it due to 
the non-agricultural bent of the first couple paragraphs (about 
drug resistant diseases).  Desperate for some intellegent commentary on 
the horrifying authoritarian future suggested by the codex part of the 
article, I cut and pasted with wild abandon.  The net result was lots of 
commentary, some of it intellegent.  I now regret hacking up other's 
work, but in my own defense, it did get people to read it, and the 
fact of its dismsmberment was noted in my reposting.

2)  In the forward to my reposting, I asked if this was for real or 'zany 
internet paranoia,' and this seems to have pissed off still more people.  
	If someone tells you a tiny clique of industrialists and 
transnational capitalists have connived to create what is in effect a 
global shadow government, and are conspiring to ban VITAMINS AND HERBS 
(of all things!!!), wouldn't you want to know more about it?  Does it not 
seem fantastic, unthinkable, a paraniod fantasy?  I am continually 
sickened by the erosion of 'democracy,' the steady concentration of 
power in the hands of the few, and the total silence around such bulwarks of 
neoimperialism as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, GATT, etc, 
etc. But somehow I couldn't believe this Orwellian scenerio, the total 
dominance of capital, the complete subjection of all life to the 
pleasures of 'shareholder value,' would play itself out so soon, and to 
such a degree.  Herbs!  Who would believe it?  I didn't want to.

3)  It should be noted that I did not write the article.  There appears 
to have been some confusion on this point, and I received some mail 
assailing "my" mention of the fact that some of the companies 
petitionaing the codex to regulate vitamins and herbs are fragments of the 
company that made poison gas for the Nazis.  This apparently struck some as  
an irresponsible scare tactic, or the typical cheap rhetorical trick of 
equating all bad things with Nazism.
	It seemed to me that the mention of this odd bit of information 
was well placed, tasteful, brief, and illuminating.  If a company is a 
vestige of Fascism, well, it IS, and why get upset if this *fact* is 
mentioned?  Someday, when the crimes of colonialism, neoimperialism, and 
export processing are at last judged by a global Neuremburg trail, I 
immagine we'll be dropping clever references about the fragmented 
descendants of Shell, GE, ADM, Monsanto, etc.  May I live to see it!  

	Please send further correspondence to me and let's 
not constipate our wonderful listserver with more on this worn-out 
subject.   Thanks.