Re: Famous People-The list

>Here is the list of alleged organic eaters,               Regards,  Thomas
>Danny Glover
>Linda Ronstat
>Alice Walker
>Carlos Santana
>Johnnie Otis (has organic apple juice biz)
>Annie Lamott
>Paul Newman, Newman's Own
>Barbara Streisand
>Robin Williams
>Greg Almond
>Bob Weir
>Phil Lessh
>Grace Slick
>Neil Young
>Elisabet Santouris, Gaia
>Harrison Ford
>Renee Russo
>Tracy Chapman
>Bluefeather Rising
>Pete Seeger
>James Galway
>Woody Harrelson
>Francis Ford Coppola's ogranic vinyard
>Paul and Linda McCartney
Now, in reverse, would it be possible for a plain organic-food eater
(though soon to make the list) to know what these people are famous for?
(with the exception of the music people and the major film ones)
Thank you very much,

        Egidio Reale

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San Juan, PR 00902-1170
tel/fax (787) 722-6161

(I am interested in the environment, organic agriculture and the like.  I
introduced quinoa into Italy, and experimentally in Ladakh, and later had a
very nice health food store here in PR. Now I am trying to finish my
doctorate in anthropology at Columbia, on internet and environmental
movements, though struggling with finances. It would also be nice to
educate the local youth to the new communications technology  - we have
optic-fiber cables - to eliminate the traditional marginal state of the

P.S.  Should you have any suggestions for funding or research please let me
Also do you know of anybody particularly dealing with tropical environment
(also marine and semi-arid) in environmental issues (construction,
agriculture, and the like)?