<<Anyone with information on the various state laws pertaining to the use
of BGH in dairy cows and the labeling of dairy products made with milk
from cows NOT treated with BGH please forward to me. Thank you so much.
Samuel  -

We had a number of emails go through SANet on this. I'd recommend that you
look at the SAN archives (see web instructions below; it can also be
accessed other ways, like gopher).  That's likely the fastest route for
you; if that doesn't work for you, I did save a few of the messages and can
look them up.

Best regards - 

P. Dines


All messages ever posted to sanet-mg are now available on the SAN/SARE 
home page at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/san/

This page is still under construction <snip>

Select the button or the text link for sanet-mg archives, and you'll be 
able to search packets of 500 messages, or you can search the entire 
database (takes a bit of time, not too long).  You can also just start 

---  This is what you'll see when you get to the archives, which are at

Select A SAN Mail Log:

     Starting: Mon 03 Jun 1996 - 00:00:-10034 EDT
     Ending: Sat 13 Jul 1996 - 00:00:-75988 EDT
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Messages can be sorted by date, by thread (or topic of discussion), or by 
author (once you're in a mail log, or have executed a search).  It's 

However, it has some kinks.  For example, below is some of what I
retrieved when I used CSA as a search term.  Two of the 'hits' do not
apply to CSA's.  You'll see when you go into any message that included in
that message is a link to the NEXT and the PREVIOUS messages sent to
sanet, and, in the case of the 'bad hits', the next or previous message was
about CSA's!  Try it, you'll find your way around, or I'll be glad to
offer assistance (san@nal.usda.gov). 

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