Full Circle Organic Farm 5/28/97

Your Week's Worth    5/28/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm, Auburn, CA (916) 885-9201

1 lb   Mesclun salad 
1 bu  Ruby  Swiss chard
1 bu  Market Express "baby" turnips
1 bu  Emperor broccoli or Red Russian kale
1 bu  Bolero carrots
1 bu  Chioggia beets
1 bu  Sparkler radish 
1 lb   Sugar Snap peas
1 bu  Summer savory

Comings and Goings
   This is the last week for Market Express turnips and probably the snap
peas.  Carrots are back.  These are a variety called Bolero.  They take a bit
longer to form than the little, round Thumbelina.  About half of you will get
broccoli this week and the rest next.  This first planting of broccoli is
suffering from the cold weather when it was transplanted juxtaposed with the
current record highs, so the heads are not as large and well-formed as last
year's.  The next planting promises to be better and more uniform.  Ruby
Chard is back.  Those with our cookbook have at least four additional recipes
using this colorful and tasty green.  Saute' julienned chard lightly in olive
oil and garlic then dress with balsamic vinegar for a quick side dish.  Chard
is a cousin to spinach and can be substituted in most recipes.
  All your summer squashes and cucumbers will come out of the greenhouse and
go into the freshly tilled and amended beds we finished this weekend.  We
expect to have squash in your shares within three weeks.  Winter squash will
be direct seeded at the same time.  We will also transplant watermelon and
honeydew-type melons before the week is out.
  We are behind in bed preparation in the new field because of the many rocks
we are encountering.  Give us a call if you can help pick rocks.