Re: Full Circle Organic Farm postings

Am one who enjoys seeing your weekly writings posted, as newsletters etc.
are a steady topic of discussion in our core group.  No problem here with
you seeking the efficiency of sharing these that are written for your
community as part of the ongoing dialogue, esp. as the flow is light
overall.  Also like seeing what's in others' baskets relative to ours...  

At 10:20 AM 5/31/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Jason wrote:
>"What is this?  I don't want to take part in any food 
>delivery service if this is your intent.   If I'm misunderstanding the
>purpose of this email, please educate me 
>as to that fact.  "
>Since I don't mail you directly, I guess you're receiving my post via the CSA
>listserve from Prairienet.  No, I'm not trolling for clients.  I don't have a
>great deal of time to write e-mails at this time of the year so I thought i'd
>try to share a bit of what goes on on our farm and CSA with other like-minded
>folks by posting part of our share insert each week. CSA list has been pretty
>quiet and this was my way of trying to communicate the seasonality of farm.
> If it's bothering folks, I'll stop.
>Full Circle Organic Farm