Re: Full Circle Organic Farm postings

Manly, yes, but I like 'em too.

Dori Green:  Writer, Farmer, Facilitator
Ash Grove Community Farm & Center for Sustainable Living

> From: MARCIEROSE@aol.com
> To: GRAVESJ@sal311.waldorf.edu; csa-l@prairienet.org
> Subject: Re: Full Circle Organic Farm postings
> Date: Saturday, May 31, 1997 7:20 AM
> Jason wrote:
> "What is this?  I don't want to take part in any food 
> delivery service if this is your intent.   If I'm misunderstanding the
> purpose of this email, please educate me 
> as to that fact.  "
> Since I don't mail you directly, I guess you're receiving my post via the
> listserve from Prairienet.  No, I'm not trolling for clients.  I don't
have a
> great deal of time to write e-mails at this time of the year so I thought
> try to share a bit of what goes on on our farm and CSA with other
> folks by posting part of our share insert each week. CSA list has been
> quiet and this was my way of trying to communicate the seasonality of
>  If it's bothering folks, I'll stop.
> Marcie
> Full Circle Organic Farm