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From: "Geraldo Defune" <pah_gd@wye.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 17:17:36 GMT
Subject: Organic quality refs (was Re: desk study needs your help - fwd)

Dear Ineke, Romero and other possibly interested BD & Sustag friends,

I have some quite good and clear refs showing significant quality 
differences between BD, Organic & Agrochemical produce, besides my 
own research results - I will fwd you an abstract in the next msg 
(not to the lists, where I've already posted them).

Many of these refs are only in German. Please note that Koepf's 1976 
English translation of BD Agric. DOES NOT include some essential
data from quality research (Samaras, etc) that appears in recent editions 
(German & Portuguese).

I include below both the positive and negative/critical papers, to give the 
whole picture:

ABELE U. (1987) Produktqualitdt und D|ngung - mineralisch, organisch,
biologisch-dynamisch. Angewande Wissenschaft (Schriftenreihe des
Bundesministers f|r Erndhrung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten). Heft 345.

KJER I. (1991) Qualitdtsmarkmale von Hopfen und Gerste aus
vkologischen Landbau. Vkologie und Landbau, 77, pp 12-13.

KNORR D. (1979) Quality of ecologically grown food. Lebensm.- Wiss.u.
- Technol., 12, pp 350-356.

KNORR D. (1982) Use of a circular chromatographic method for  the
distinction of collard plants grown under different fertilizing
conditions. Biological Agriculture and  Horticulture, 1, 1, pp 29-38.

KNORR D. (1983) Sustainable Food Systems. The Avi Publishing  Company
INC. Westport. Connecticut. pp 416.

KOEPF H.H., PETTERSSON D. B., and  SCHAUMANN W. (1976) Biodynamic
Agriculture. Antroposophic Press INC. U.S. pp 429.

Koepf H.H., Schaumann W. and Haccius M. (1996) Biologisch-Dynamische
Landwirtschaft: eine Einf|hrung. Eugen Ulmer GmbH & Co., Stuttgart,

McSHEEHY W.T. (1977) Nutritive value of wheat grown under organic and
chemical systems of farming. Qualitas Plantarum - Plant
Foods for Human Nutrition, 27, 2, pp. 113-123. 

MEIER-PLOEGER A., DUDEN R., and VOGTMANN H. (1989) Quality of food
plants grown with compost from biogenic waste agriculture, ecosystem
and environment, 27, pp 483-491.

MEIER-PLOEGER A. (1990) Consumer expectations and research on  food
quality. In:Food Quality; Concepts and Methodology. Proceedings of the
Colloquium - Elm Farm Research Centre 24/25 February 1989. pp 21-26.

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laboratory rats a proper method for evaluating nutritional quality?
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Samaras I. (1977) Das Nachernteverhalten unterschiedlich ged|ngter
Gem|searten mit besonderer Ber|cksichtigung physiologischer und
mikrobiologischer Parameter. Dissertation, Giessen, Germany.

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protein, moisture ash, and crop yield between organic and
conventionally grown wheat. Nutrition Reports International, 30, 1, pp

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products. In: Sustainable Food Systems. Knorr D.
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WISTINGHAUSEN E. (1973) Vergleichende Ertrags und 
Qualitdtsuntersuchungen. Lebendige Erde, 1, pp 3-11.

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Subject: Re: desk study needs your help

>>>i'm working on a desk study that analyses methods to investigate the

>>>-is organic food healthier than normal food?-
>>>we aim to define the investigation on several different views on the world
>>>and humanity like a holistic view, a reductionist view, an participant view.
>>>every view has its own definitions and methodologies that may strengthen or
>>>discuss conclusions of the other views. This helps to get a deeply 
>>>elaborated research proposal.
>>>is there someone who could help me with
>>>- former research results
>>>- views on agriculture, health and food
>>>- corresponding (new) methods?

>>>the final aim is to start a public campaign in the Netherlands to
>>>promote the consumption of organic food.

>>>                              Thank you
>>>ineke van vliet <Ineke.vanVliet@USERS.ECO.WAU.NL>

Hello Ineke:

As a nutritionist I have being looking for such evidence, but with little luck.

I do not think that we will be able to find much differences between
conventional and organic or BD foods by using the limited observation
instruments available to positivist science (reductionist view).

Nevertheless, in the New Ground section of the sept-oct 1996 issue of
Organic Gardening  (Rodale Press), the editors mentioned a study conducted
at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and published in
"Plant and Soil 167:305-311, 1994, where the authors found twice the amount
of B12 vitamin in crops treated with manure than in crops grown on soil
treated with pure B12.

Vit B12 is not commonly available (from a human nutrition point of view) in
vegetable sources, therefore this finding might be a breaktrough to explain
why the modern vegetarian diets are normally deficient in this nutrient.

Hope this is usefull and please share with me the results of your research;
i am specially interested.

Best of luck.

Guillermo Romero I.
Amigos de la Biosfera A.C.


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