Aiphoria & Threefold Social Order (was Re: Consumer demand for organic) (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 12:15:44 +0100 (BST)
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Subject: Aiphoria & Threefold Social Order (was Re: Consumer demand for organic)

Dear Mike,

Regarding your questions:

> Isn't it interesting that the english language doesn't have a word to
> properly describe the entire scope of the "organic" movement.  That has to
> indicate the huge change in the attitudes of the entire population necessary
> before organics can become mainstream.  Maybe these changes are related to
> the Threefold Social Order of the Steiner lectures? (I have no idea what the
> TSO is will someone please enlighten me?)

1. What I can remember (they say you "forget the form" of whatever you 
incorporate...) of Steiner's Threefold Social Order concept is tha a 
healthy social organism must resemble a healthy human organism in its 
threefold nature of Neuro-Sensorial, Rhythmic & Methabolism/Members 
spheres of action.

In society this three parts relate respectively to the 
Education/Research, Politics/Administration & Industry/Agriculture 
(production) - the social "head, heart and guts/members". 

Socrates has used this analogy in Plato's Republic - it is a beautiful 
and practical way of looking at the social order.

2. Regarding the proper description of the scope of the "organic" 

A friend, the Greek Professor of Agroforestry, Dr. Ioannis Ispikoudis, is 
proposing that we write a paper suggesting the term Aiphoria or Iphoria 
(AEIFOPIA) to more precisely define "sustainability" as a "Homoeostatic 
progress, an evolving process in productivity and happiness". Aiphoria is 
the collective, ecological (environmental/social), introspective, 
philosophical counterpart of Euphoria - the individual, expansive, 
ephemerous feeling of happiness.

Aiphoria expresses Life's supreme victory over Entropy, by building up 
complexity and beauty where dead matter and energy disintegrate and 

I think it is quite inspiring...what do you think?


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