Re: Sustainable Agriculture

Reading your comment:

>I think it is impossible to define, in any
>specific way,  what practices constitute sustainable
>agriculture, ...I think it *is* possible to define
>practises which are *not* sustainable. 

reminded me of watching "The Man Who Planted Trees" on public tv last night.
This animated short takes a beautiful story and brings it to life in a way
that would spur even the most apathetic soul to at least consider how to
make his/her mark on this planet.

Rather than ranting about the effects of environmental degradation, "The Man
Who Planted Trees" turns the story around and shows how someone--through
faith and persistent action, the continuous planting of trees in a
wind-blown, barren region--brings new life to the area. One of the wonderful
things about this story is that it emphasizes what can be done, rather than
what shouldn't be done. In this way, it opens up the possibility that all of
us *can* do something.

If you ever have the chance to view this animated short, do so!