Re: Full Circle Organic Farm postings

On Sat, 31 May 1997 MARCIEROSE@aol.com wrote:

> great deal of time to write e-mails at this time of the year so I thought i'd
> try to share a bit of what goes on on our farm and CSA with other like-minded
> folks by posting part of our share insert each week. CSA list has been pretty
> quiet and this was my way of trying to communicate the seasonality of farm.
> Marcie
> Full Circle Organic Farm

I enjoy them too and find them inspirational and very interesting;
they certainly provide motivation to start a CSA of my own.

I talked with a young potential-csa farm-intern in Ohio today.
He found the CSA concept exciting and said that he had never heard of 
it before or of any CSA anywhere in Ohio.
Also said that you could buy beautiful farmland with good soil there
for $500-600 per acre; 20 acre farm with housing for $20,000. :-)