Food miles

Hi - Thought this might be of interest, re: prior conversation on the list
re: the value of local food and re: looking at what sustainability in ag
means... This seems to me to be an idea, a proposed project, and some leads
for more info... P. Dines

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From: Joseph G Jones, INTERNET:J.G.Jones@cms.salford.ac.uk
To: Patricia Dines, 73652,1202
Date: Fri, Jun 6, 1997, 4:25 PM
Subject: Food miles

1)   The Food Miles database

Global warming caused by CO2 emissions is generally recognised as an
issue of concern.  One factor yet to enter public consciousness is the
amount of CO2 produced in transporting food to the consumer. This is
not to say that we should revert to a diet of turnips and potatoes, but
that consumers need more information on the CO2 that products
generate.  Food miles is the term used in green circles to describe
this concern.

Some of the factors that cause CO2 include:

The distance that food travels,
The transportation involved - plane, train, truck, barge etc.
The storage required to maintain the quality of the food.

The project could be split into two projects (one student on each)

1) A research project on what factors to use and how to measure them.
2) Production of an actual database based on quick research and assumptions

Some websites for more info follow: