Organic Heirloom Seeds

Dear Friends,

One of the beauties of saving your own seed is that you can take a
fungicide-coated  seed, plant it, and have a supply of untreated seeds for
the next year(s).

Limiting yourself to organically-produced seeds, when you intend to save
seeds, cuts down dramatically on the diversity available to you, and you
will join the hoards growing only the most popular varieties.  The
Brandywine tomato is not in any danger of extinction.

This said, Fedco Seeds of Maine has a few organic heirloom seeds.  Many, if
not most of the growers in the regional networks such as Garden State
Heirloom Seed Society and  Maine Seed Saving Network grow organically.   

Rob Flory
Howell Living History Farm
Titusville, NJ