FW: Resenting Economics

There is a good, fairly recent book (1994) by N. Lampkin and S. Padel on 
'The Economics of Organic Farming: An International Perspective.' 480 pp 
(HB) ISBN 85198-911-X. Price US$100.00. that may fit the bill. 
Coincidentally, I met both authors last week at a conference in Ancona, 
Italy, that discussed 'Resource use in organic farming'. The proceedings 
will be published later this year (?). Enquiries about the proceedings may 
be directed to Dr. Juan Isart (e-mail: leaam@cid.csic.es), the coordinator 
of ENOF (European Network for Organic Farming). The ENOF home page is at 

The book can be ordered from:

Oxford University Press,
2001 Evans Road,
Cary, NC 27513, USA
Fax: (919) 677 1303

From: Elysabeth Bonar Bouton
To: sanet-mg@ces.ncsu.edu
Subject: Resenting Economics
Date: 08 June 1997 18:18

Can anyone suggest resources that discuss the cost of conventional
agriculture compared to that of alternative/sustainable agriculture.  I'm
interested in all costs - social, environmental, etc.  I know that natural
resource economics theory continues to develop and can address
conventional agricultural and costs to the environment, but I'm looking
for more.

Elysabeth Bonar Bouton
Annapolis, MD