Re: FW: Bamboo Industry, USA

Hi Anton:

As a coordinator for the bamboo conference, I wish to clarify that we did
indeed send andvance notice to sanet, as well as some other mail groups,
several months ago.  This is not our first notice.  Sorry that you missed
those other announcements.

Your offer of advertising such workshops/conferences is well appreciated
and hopefully some future events we are working on will fit your timeline.
Have you heard about the FSRE conference?  I am working with a team to
coordinate a section entitled "Farming the Urban Fringe" which will focus
on the barriers and opportunities to farming in and around urban areas.
That conference is happening Nov 3-6 in Mt. Hood, Oregon.  If you need more
information (an annoucement was sent to SANET a few weeks ago), I would be
glad to send it to you.

>Hello all meeting/workshop/course organizers,
>One of the things I appreciate about the sanet-mg list is announcements for
>upcoming meetings, workshops and courses. I am just itching to publicise
>them further by listing them in the Calendar of Events section in our
>journals (with the organizers' permission, of course). There is a problem
>though with the amount of notice given for these events. We are working on
>the August issues at the moment, so we need at least 3 months notice to get
>them into our Calendars.
>Would it be possible to have Advance Announcements of events, with details
>of the title, dates and place of meetings, etc., and a contact person with
>their address, telephone or e-mail address?
>The Bamboo meeting is a case in point. We have 2 international journals (one
>on Forestry and one on Agroforestry) that would have been ideal places to
>advertise such an event. We publish about 50 journals on all aspects of
>agriculture, so whatever your meeting is about there is probably a place
>somewhere for an announcement.
>Anton Doroszenko
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