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Howdy, all--

Thought this might interest you.



The Program on Agricultural Technology Studies (PATS) at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison announces its new World Wide Web
site!  Located in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
PATS's innovative program of research and outreach focuses on the
impacts of new agricultural technologies and public polices on family
farming in Wisconsin. 

Recent research examines such topics as rotational grazing, rBGH,
manure and nutrient management, and structural change in the farm
sector.  This site contains abstracts of over 25 research and
extension publications and will soon have PDF capabilities.  Please
visit our homepage at: 


We welcome links to other sites.  Questions?  Contact Marcy Ostrom
at: mrostrom@facstaff.wisc.edu 

Marcy Ostrom
1450 Linden Dr
Madison, WI 53705
608-265-3463 (W)
608-238-3653 (H)

Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
Voice: (608) 262-8018   FAX: (608) 265-3020
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