Synergy magazine, latest issue.

The latest issue of Synergy magazine is now available. Synergy is a
quarterly published in Western Canada covering stories about people
"putting alternatives into action". The focus is on organic agriculture,
alternative energy techniques, and community innovations in Western
Canada, the northern US and internationally.

Featured in the current issue are: an overview of CSA farming in Manitoba,
a profile of a farm family in Qu'Appelle, Saskatachewan, challenges and
innovations for small farmers in South Africa, a guide to
integrating mulch gardening into an organic farming system from North
Dakota, and more such as raising wild boars and straw houses. (The sequel
will be on protection from big bad wolves! (kidding, only kidding!)

Subscriptions are $22.00 for individuals and $32.00 for organizations and
institutions. US and International customers pay in US funds. If you would
like a sample copy to review, contact us at synergy@link.ca or write to

Synergy Communications,
Box 8803
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 6S6 

Fax is (306)664-6074
and phone (306) 652-9572

Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful month of June

Cathy Holtslander
and Mark Bidwell 
co-editors and publishers