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	Are the eggs in the following story genitically modified?


Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 01:16:02 -0400
From: "Robert A. LaBudde" <ral@lcfltd.com>

Subject: Using Eggs to feed antibodies to livestock vs. antibiotics


June 9, 1997


MADISON, WIS. -- According to this story, small farms in Wisconsin may soon
become antibody factories, raising laying hens that produce
growth-stimulating antibodies in their egg yolks. When fed to farm animals,
the customized yolks increase growth rates, and the animals become more
efficient at converting feed to meat.

Mark Cook, a poultry scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, is cited as saying that egg yolk
antibodies work by changing the environment in an animal's gut, and that gut
peptides control feed intake and gastrointestinal function in animals. The
immune system stimulates the release of gut peptides that decrease feed
intake. Food animal producers sometimes feed antibiotics, which reduce the
immune stimulus by knocking out some gut bacteria.

Cook is also cited as saying that the egg yolk antibodies have proven as
effective as antibiotics in increasing growth and feed efficiency in
chickens and swine. The story also says that some studies have shown that
low level feeding of antibiotics to livestock can produce drug-resistant
bacteria; by feeding antibodies instead of antibiotics, producers can avoid
this problem.

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[Charlie in passing me this communication for posting commented "Marc Van
Regenmortel and others have been suggesting the use of egg yolk antibody
("IgY") for all sorts of laboratory work. They immunize a hen, then collect
the eggs every day, separate the yolks, and purify antibody from that. Fast,
cheap, good.  The egg is a very large antibody-producing cell. The message
attached is a logical extension of this procedure." MHJ]


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