TO:                                INTERESTED PARTIES

FROM:                          RICK WELSH, DIRECTOR
                                       SOUTHERN SARE PROGRAM

                                       ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL

DATE:                            JUNE 16, 1997

The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Prgoram 
(SSARE) will have five vacancies on its Administrative Council (AC) 
starting at its November, 1997 meeting in North Carolina.  One 
vacancy is for a nongovernmental organization (NGO) representative 
involved in sustainable agriculture.  Three are for producers who 
have demonstrated sustainable agricultural expertise and/or 
experience; and one is for a social scientist with research 
experience in agriculture to inform the AC on "quality of life" 
issues as they relate to sustainability.

The AC is the governing body of the SSARE program and is a diverse 
body made up of seven producers, three NGO representatives, one 
agribusiness representative, and a number of 1862, 1890, federal and 
state governmental agency representatives.  The AC meets twice per 
year for two to three days, in April and November.  In addition, most 
AC members are part of standing committees, which may meet or 
communicate through conference calls to decide policy issues related 

Any indiviudal put forth as a nominee must have already agreed to 

To nominate indivudals please send to me by fax, mail or e-mail their 
names, addresses, phone numbers, and the vacancies for which they are 
to be considered. 

Also, a one page (max.) biographical sketch, which outlines their 
work and education experience relevant to sustainable agriculture, 
should be submitted with the nominating letter.  The nomineees can 
prepare their own bio.  Nominations must arrive at my office on or 
before July 18, 1997.  Thank you for your help in this important 
Rick Welsh
SARE Program, Southern Region
University of Georgia
1109 Experiment St.
Griffin, GA 30223-1797
phone: 770-412-4788
fax: 770-412-4789
e-mail: rwelsh@gaes.griffin.peachnet.edu