Sust Ag & Univ - Survey results

Thank you to all those who responded to my question about Sustainable
Agriculture in US universities. Along with your suggestions, I had many
requests to share the results of my question. So here it is. I have
listed all of the universities that were suggested to me along with the
number of times each was mentioned.  Thank you again for everyones
tremendous help.  Deanna

Cornell University (4)
University of California at Davis (4)
University of Maine (3)
Iowa State University (2)
Michigan State University (2)
University of Minnesota (2)
Penn State University (2)
Tufts University (2)
University of Wisconsin at Madison (2)
University of California at Santa Cruz (1)
University of Nebraska (1)
Rutgers University (1)
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (1)
Slippery Rock (1)
Washington State University (1)
Wageningen Agricultural University, Holland
Wye College, University of London, England