SouthEastern Composting Association

After speaking with folks from all over the southeastern U.S. during the
past few weeks I have decided that it would be wonderful to meet more of
you. Towards this end I am prepared to sponsor and organize the first
annual meeting of the Southeastern Composting Association. To make this
as painless as possible for those from across the southeast I am
considering a location in the mountains of North Carolina...near
Asheville. There are few places more beautiful in the Fall, so I would
anticipate a Thursday/Friday or Monday/Tuesday meeting date to give you
the weekend to enjoy the Fall color. SO, what weekend is best to get all
school re-opening and other other conference needs addressed? This would
be an association of individuals from across the composting fields to
get to know one another in a relaxed, sociable environment. I would
envision this encompassing the states from Texas through Virginia.  

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